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Best Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

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What is the Best Speaker for a Bicycle?

So, you want to know who makes the best speaker for a bicycle? This is an easy one. We have used all three versions of the boomBOTTLE by Scosche on bike rides and the new boomBOTTLE+ Portable Speaker is definately the best one of the bunch. It combines the large sound of the original boomBOTTLE and adds the waterproof features of the boomBOTTLEH2O.


Best Speaker 2014

SCOSCHE comes out on top with the Best Speaker 2014 award. Reliable bluetooth waterproof speakers are in demand. We reached out to various manufacturers and asked them to send us waterproof speakers for our tryout and review. We thank the companies that participated and are proud to announce Scosche as the clear winner in the Best Waterproof Speaker competition. These Scosche speakers work! The video details why Scosche waterproof speakers are the best.


Dual Pairing Bluetooth Speakers

The latest trend in portable speakers is dual pairing. This is a giant leap forward because it allows the sound to be a true stereo experience. Dual pairing is required to claim to have the best bluetooth speaker systems. There are not very many Bluetooth speakers that have this functionality so be careful and read the fine print. Dual pairing is NOT sipmly connecting two wireless speakers to a single device. The user should be able to assign different channels to each of the speakers. Again, make sure to read the features of the speaker before you make your purchase.


Best Bluetooth Mobile Speakers

At, we love portable wireless speakers, and we love find new variations. We love finding the best Bluetooth mobile speakers that exceed our expectations with exceptional sound, extreme durability, and so much more. The new portable speaker by Scosche call the boomBOTTLE+ is here and it is better than we anticipated.


Best Bluetooth Speakers for the Beach

We swim. We bike. We climb. We listen to music. Of course, the most important issue is who makes the best bluetooth speakers for the beach? The music part is a much-needed component of our fun filled excursions. For this reason, we set out to find the best in waterproof Bluetooth speakers. The Scosche boomBOTTLE H2O went up against the UE Boom in our best waterproof speakers test.


Scosche is the first company to send waterproof speakers

The Scosche waterproof speakers have arrived. Scosche products never dissapoint and these speakers stand up to the test. We thank Scosche for sending us their waterproof speakers and can't wait to share our results.




Latest News


We will be releasing the 2015 awards at the end of this month.


The new boomBOTTLE+ portable speaker has been released and it is better than we expected.